Dr. Garver works with clients of all ages - under 5 through adulthood. She utilizes the evaluative process and results to implement an intervention plan, determine support services and provide therapeutic consultation to individuals, parents, adolescents and children.

During the assessment process, a school observation can be conducted on the young client or adolescent in order to ascertain behavioral information in a natural and social setting. The goal of Dr. Garver's services is to provide a thorough assessment of each child, adolescent or adult for the purpose of learning areas of competency, challenges and/or future remedial or therapeutic concerns. Dr. Garver assists each family and serves as a case manager when needed. Follow-up consultation sessions are provided for the child or parents.

Dr. Garver also utilizes a comprehensive intake to begin individual, family or group therapy. Therapy sessions are designed to address personal stress, trauma or emotional dysregulation and to help the clients cope more adaptively in their life experiences.

Although psychodynamic themes and issues are not disregarded in therapy, therapy sessions are client centered, CBT oriented, and, as needed, solution-focused with emphasis toward  healthy communication and effective problem solving.

Collaborative/Divorce Services

The Collaborative Practice provides a divorcing couple with the support and guidance of their own individual lawyers without going to court. Included in a collaborative team is a mental health coach or coaches, a financial specialist and possibly, a child specialist. The collaborative practice approach helps to negotiate a mutually accepted resolution without having court decide issues. As a Collaborative Divorce Mental Health Coach, Dr. Garver helps clients through utilizing effective problem-solving and communication techniques to resolve disputes calmly, with dignity and respectfully, within this supportive team format. Dr. Garver also provides time and space for my client to tell their story, to be validated and to help process and identify stressful and conflicting issues.

If functioning as a child specialist within the collaborative team,  Dr. Garver can offer a constructive way of including the voice of the child  or adolescent of divorcing parents. The Child Specialist gathers information about the child’s emotional state and experience, and brings that information for use in a collaborative process. The child specialist role is not a therapist or an advocate or a custody evaluator.

Individual / Family
  • Consultation
  • Assessment
  • Therapy & Intervention Plans
  • Advocacy
  • Teens
  • CBT
  • Solution Focused
  • Teens
  • CBT
  • Children with Exceptional Needs
  • Divorce Mental Health Coach
  • Child Specialist
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Dr. Garver draws upon her extensive mental health career to help individuals, children, and families navigate the stressors of divorce. She is partnering with other mediators and a multidisciplinary team to provide mediation services through Divorce Mediation Associates, Ltd.

You can learn more at: DivorceMediation

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